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Understanding The Cause Of Oxidation on Vinyl and Painted Surfaces

before and after removing oxidation from vinyl siding

Oxidation is a common problem that affects aged painted and vinyl surfaces. Over time these materials react with the oxygen in the atmosphere to create new oxidized compounds that give the surface of the siding a dull, faded and chalky look causing the home to look old and outdated. The oxidation process is greatly accelerated in the presence of UV light this is why the sunny side af a house will often look more dull.

chalky oxidation residue on hand after rubbing oxidized vinyl siding

A quick and easy way to test for oxidation on vinyl siding or painted surfaces is to rub your hand against the surface and observe if a white, chalky residue is left behind.

Oxidation Removal for Vinyl Siding and Painted Surfaces

a man spraying oxidation removal solution onto vinyl siding

Attempting to brush oxidation away is not recommended as it can leave streaks and uneven patches on the surface, making it look worse thank before. Pressure washing is also a bad idea because it will leave stop and start lines known as "zebra stripes". Fortunately there is cost effective solution removing oxidation from vinyl and painted surfaces. Specialized soft washing chemicals available that have the capability to dissolve only the oxidized layer exposing a fully restored surface.

Protecting Your Siding

before and after cleaning algae from vinyl siding

After the oxidation removal process a UV protection sealer product that can be used to provide up to 10 years of protection against the damaging effects of the sun. This will not only help to prevent future oxidation, it will also keep the siding looking vibrant and attractive for many years. Acidic algae growth that is common in humid climates such as the lower mainland of British Colombia due to the rainy climate will accelerate the oxidation process on your siding. Cleaning your siding regularly every year will extend its lifespan and keep your property looking good.

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