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Located in the heart of Metro Vancouver, Richmond is a vibrant city known for its diverse community, stunning waterfront views, and rich cultural heritage. With a unique mix of urban development and natural beauty, including the famous Richmond Dykes, the city presents unique challenges for property maintenance. Clean Squad is here to address these challenges, offering comprehensive exterior cleaning services tailored to Richmond's unique landscape and architectural diversity. Our expertise ensures that every property, from the bustling commercial spaces near the airport to serene residential areas by the dykes, mirrors the city’s dynamic spirit and pristine beauty.

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Roof Cleaning in Richmond

Richmond’s coastal climate contributes to the rapid growth of moss and algae on rooftops, a concern for both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Our roof cleaning services in Richmond utilize soft washing techniques, combined with eco-friendly solutions, to gently eradicate these unwanted guests. Tailored to protect the diverse roofing materials found across the city, from heritage homes in Steveston to modern builds in City Centre, our approach ensures your roof remains clean, functional, and free of damage, reflecting the city's blend of tradition and innovation.
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House Washing in Richmond

Richmond's mix of rain and sunshine fosters the growth of mold, algae, and dirt on exterior surfaces, detracting from your home's beauty and potentially causing damage over time. Our house washing service uses a gentle yet effective soft washing method, perfect for the variety of materials used in Richmond’s residential architecture. From vinyl siding in newer developments to wood and stucco in older neighborhoods, our team ensures your home shines, boosting curb appeal and preserving the value of your investment.
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Pressure Washing in Richmond

Our pressure washing services in Richmond are designed to rejuvenate all your hard surfaces, from driveways and sidewalks to patios and decks. The frequent rain and moisture in Richmond can leave these areas looking grimy and can contribute to slip hazards. Our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment removes this buildup, restoring the safety and appearance of your outdoor spaces. Perfect for both residential and commercial properties, our pressure washing service ensures your premises are not only clean but also safe and welcoming.
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Window Cleaning in Richmond

With Richmond’s stunning views, from the North Shore mountains to the Fraser River, having clean windows is a must to fully appreciate the scenery. Our window cleaning services ensure your views are unobstructed by dirt, streaks, or water spots. Using deionized water and advanced cleaning techniques, we can reach high windows safely from the ground, providing you with crystal clear views without the risk.
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Gutter Cleaning in Richmond

Properly functioning gutters are essential in Richmond, especially given the area's heavy rainfall. Our gutter cleaning services prevent water damage by ensuring rainwater flows freely away from your home. Regular cleaning and maintenance remove leaves, moss, and debris that can cause blockages, protecting your property from the rainy season's potential hazards. This service is crucial for maintaining the health of your home's exterior and preventing costly future repairs.
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