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clean squad property services team member cleaning a roof in ladner

Prepare For Fire Season with Professional Roof and Gutter Cleaning

May 14 2024
As the early fire season approaches, it's crucial to prepare your home by cleaning your roof of any dry moss and clearing dry leaves from gutters, as they pose significant fire hazards. The recent devastating wildfires in Kelowna underscore the importance of these proactive measures. Additionally, many home insurance companies require that roofs and gutters be kept clean to reduce fire risks. Ensuring your roof and gutters are free of debris not only meets these requirements but also enhances your home's safety. Proactive roof cleaning and gutter cleaning can help protect your property from potential fire damage. Learn more about exterior cleaning for fire prevention
clean squad property services exterior cleaning in burnaby

Burnaby's Choice for Professional Pressure Washing

May 10 2024
Clean Squad proudly serves the City of Burnaby with expert exterior cleaning services. Our team specializes in pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and roof maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. Using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure every job is done thoroughly and with great care. Residents and business owners in Burnaby can rely on us for superior results that enhance curb appeal. Trust Clean Squad to keep your property in Burnaby looking pristine. more info about exterior cleaning in Burnaby BC
clean squad property services team member washing solar panels in vancouver

Solar Panel Cleaning in Vancouver: Maximize Energy Efficiency

May 07 2024
Solar panels are a valuable addition to a home, providing a clean and sustainable energy source. Just like windows, solar panels require regular cleaning to maintain optimal performance. Over time, dust, pollen, and other debris can accumulate and obstruct sunlight, reducing the efficiency of your solar energy system. The cleaning process is straightforward, utilizing equipment similar to that used for windows. Keeping your solar panels clean not only enhances their performance but also ensures you get the maximum return on your investment. For those with panels in hard-to-reach places, hiring professional cleaning services might be the best approach to maintain peak efficiency. more info about window cleaning services
washing a home in richmond

Fresh Start for Spring: Elevate Your Richmond BC Property

Mar 24 2024
Spring's arrival means it's time to refresh your property. Clean Squad is ready to serve Richmond with top-notch exterior cleaning services. Our services are designed to enhance your home or business's appearance and longevity, just in time for the brighter days ahead. Our Spring Cleaning Services Include: Roof and House Washing: Remove winter's grime and protect your property. Pressure Washing: Clean up walkways, driveways, and patios for a safer, more appealing space. Window and Gutter Cleaning: Ensure clear views and proper rainwater flow, keeping your property in top shape. Why Clean Squad? We're local, experienced, the highest rated company in the greater vancouver area. Refresh your property this spring with Clean Squad. Let's make your Richmond home or business shine!
professional exterior cleaning in Richmond BC
a clean squad employee washes windows

Spotless Views: Professional Window Cleaning Services

Mar 17 2024
Summer is just around the corner, and in Vancouver, that means it's time for window cleaning season. As the days grow longer and the sunshine becomes a daily guest, sparkling clean windows are key to enjoying the beautiful views to their fullest. Homeowners and businesses alike are starting to schedule their window cleaning services to ensure their properties look their best. With the warm weather upon us, there's no better time to let the light in and showcase clean, streak-free windows. Remember, a clear view can significantly enhance the ambiance of your space during these sunny months. Clean Squad uses professional equipment to meticulously clean windows and frames, ensuring they are left spotless for a pristine view.

Refresh Your Home: Seasonal House Washing in Vancouver

Jan 22 2024
With the house washing season just around the corner in Vancouver, now is the perfect time to consider the benefits of professional exterior cleaning. Our house washing services not only rejuvenate your home’s appearance but also protect its surfaces from the damp Vancouver climate. We use gentle, eco-friendly techniques that effectively remove dirt, mold, and algae, preparing your home for the months ahead. Early booking ensures your home is on the schedule, ready to shine throughout the season. Let us help you maintain your property’s beauty and integrity as the new season approaches, ensuring it stands out in Vancouver's lush landscape.
More info about vancouver house washing
a clogged gutter

Prevent Overflow: Expert Gutter Cleaning in Rainy Burnaby

Jan 16 2024
In Burnaby, gutter cleaning remains crucial even for homes with gutter guards. While these guards help, they can still accumulate moss and debris, as seen in this photo. Our cleaning service ensures that these blockages are cleared, maintaining optimal water flow. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent overflow and protect your home from water damage, especially in Burnaby's rainy climate.
clean squad property services team members preparing to wash a home in richmond

Eco-Friendly House Washing Services in Richmond

Jan 13 2024
House washing is critical in maintaining your Richmond home each year, with soft washing emerging as the most effective cleaning method. This gentle yet powerful approach thoroughly cleans all exterior surfaces, including siding, fascia, and other areas, without causing damage. In Richmond's climate, where mold and algae are common, regular soft washing is essential for preserving both the appearance and longevity of your home's exterior. More info about house washing
clean squad property services - team member standing in front of burnaby sign

Transforming Properties Across Burnaby, BC with Clean Squad

Jan 05 2024
At Clean Squad, we offer a range of specialized cleaning services across all suburbs surrounding Vancouver, including Burnaby. Our services include eco-friendly roof cleaning to prevent moss and algae buildup, soft washing for house exteriors, and pressure washing for concrete outdoor areas such as patios, interlocking, and driveways. We also provide streak-free window cleaning using a water-fed brush system, perfect for enjoying amazing views of the mountains of north Vancouver that are visible from many homes in Burnaby. We also offer gutter cleaning to protect against water damage. Whatever exterior cleaning project you have in mind, you can trust that clean squad has the local experience to get it done. more info about our cleaning services in Burnaby BC burnaby exterior cleaning

Tackling High Gutters with Ease: Advanced Gutter Cleaning

Jan 01 2024
Gutter cleaning on tall homes presents a unique challenge, especially when ladder placement is not feasible. Fortunately, Clean Squad Property Services has ingeniously addressed this issue. We're equipped to effectively clean gutters up to 50 feet high from the safety of the ground, thanks to our custom-built tools. This innovative method not only enhances safety by eliminating the need for precarious ladder work but also ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Our specialized equipment is designed to reach even the most difficult areas, providing a deep clean that protects your home from potential water damage. With Clean Squad, homeowners with tall buildings no longer need to worry about the accessibility or risks associated with gutter cleaning. Our approach is a testament to our commitment to providing safe, effective, and hassle-free services for every home, regardless of its height or complexity. Choose Clean Squad for a gutter cleaning solution that brings peace of mind and impeccable results. gutter cleaning services
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