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Be the Clean Envy: Spark a Neighborhood Cleaning Spree!

Sep 29 2023
Ever noticed how a newly washed house in the neighborhood sparks a bit of 'clean envy'? While washing this home next door neighbors couldn’t resist and asked us to give their residence the Clean Squad treatment too! It's not just about keeping up appearances; it’s about taking pride in your home and inspiring others to do the same. So why not set the trend in your neighborhood and have everyone living in a cleaner, fresher environment?
More info about house washing
a team member soft washing a modern home in preparation for Diwali

Getting Your Home Holiday-Ready: Spruce Up with an Exterior Wash

Sep 20 2023
As summer comes to a close, the shift in seasons brings with it a perfect opportunity for home maintenance, especially with major holidays like Diwali and Christmas on the horizon. Many homeowners are already preparing their spaces for hosting guests and festivities. Combining gutter cleaning with house washing offers a convenient way to take care of all your yearly exterior maintenance in one go. By doing so, you not only enhance your home's curb appeal but also ensure it's in top condition, ready to welcome guests for any holiday gathering. For more information, visit: House Washing Gutter Cleaning
a team member cleaning gutters from ladder

Fall into Routine: The Importance of September Gutter Maintenance

Sep 13 2023

September is here, and it's the perfect time to focus on gutter maintenance. The falling leaves of autumn can quickly clog your gutters, leading to potential water damage and increased repair costs down the line. A clean gutter system efficiently channels rainwater away from your home, safeguarding both your foundation and yard. Make gutter cleaning a seasonal priority to protect your home's structure and save on future expenses. For more info about gutter cleaning.

removing moss from gutter

Prepare Your Roof for Rain: Fall Moss Removal Tips

Sep 08 2023
Fall is the ideal season to tackle moss buildup on your shingles and gutters in preparation for the rainy months ahead. Removing moss is crucial because it retains moisture and can cause your shingles to rot away. It's like having a wet sponge on your roof. A clean, moss-free roof ensures proper water runoff, reducing the risk of leaks. Soft washing is the best way to remove moss and other organic growth on the roof. Our environmentally safe detergents remove moss and other organic spores imbedded deep into in the shingles, this prevents further growth and restores the roof to it more info on moss removal
a team member cleaning gutters on a home in point grey vancouver

Preventative Maintenance: How Regular Gutter Cleaning can Save You money

Aug 30 2023
Many homeowne­rs often neglect the­ significance of regular gutter cle­aning, perceiving it as a monotonous task. Howeve­r, blocked gutters can result in wate­r damage, which is much more expe­nsive to fix than the minor cost of routine mainte­nance. By ensuring clean gutte­rs, you also extend the life­span of your home's roof and foundation, consequently saving mone­y in the long term. In addition, water overflow from blocked gutters can damage your landscape, cause basement flooding and cause fascia and siding to rot. Consider re­gular gutter cleaning as an investme­nt that prevents future financial he­adaches.
a pressure washing job left unfinished

Power Washing Gone Wrong

Aug 29 2023
Today, while shopping at Jericho Village in Vancouver, we notices an obvious example of a bad power washing service. A distinct line divided the walkway, marking the boundary between clean and dirty. It was clear that a local power washing company had left the job unfinished. As a business who you hire reflects on your brand, and also impacts how clients perceive your business. When choosing a power washing service always opt for professionals who complete the job to the highest standards.
a wildfire burning near a home covered in dry moss

Moss on Roofs: A Hidden Catalyst for Wildfires

Aug 28 2023
In the wake of the recent tragic fires in Kelowna and ongoing fires across BC, it's more crucial than ever to prepare your home for fire season. Moss on your roof and leaves in your gutters isn't just a maintenance headache, it's potential kindling for wildfires. Many homeowners don't realize is that keeping a clean roof is often a requirement set forth by home insurance companies. Failure to maintain your roof and gutters can result in your insurance refusing to pay out in the event of a house fire. Read more about exterior cleaning for wildfire prevention .
a team member seting up to pressure wash in front of the ladner village building

Pressure Clean in Ladner

Aug 27 2023
Are you living in Ladner and finding it increasingly challenging to maintain your property? You're in good company. Many residents are in their retirement years and would rather spend their days on the golf course than handle strenuous home maintenance. That's why Clean Squad is here to take care of your pressure washing needs, so you can focus on what truly matters. For more details on how we can help maintain your Ladner home, check out our Ladner pressure washing page.
a smiling homeowner stands in front of their well-maintained home holding a calendar

Why Seasonal Home Maintenance is Essential

Aug 25 2023

Maintaining your home regularly is important to extend it's long term health. Have you considered the benefits of seasonal maintenance? By performing specific maintenance tasks dusing the appropriate season, homeowners can resolve issues that are most relevant during particular times of the year, and save money on repairs in the future.

For example, the spring period is excellent for pressure washing your driveway to remove the salt and grime. Late spring is a good time for window cleaning so that you can enjoy the beautiful views of British Colombia in the summer.

Contact Clean Squad Property Services today to set up a seasonal maintenance plan for your home.

A clean squad employee soft washing soffits on a home in mosqueum vancouver

Soft Washing Soffits

Aug 23 2023
Many companies overlook cleaning the soffits and the outside of gutters when cleaning siding, these areas can make a house look dirty even if the siding is clean. Soffits and gutters are nearly impossible to clean without the proper equipment, and neglecting them can lead to permanently stained paint. We recognize the importance of these hard-to-reach areas and include them as a standard feature in our house washing package. Our soft wash procedure effectively cleans all the hard to reach places More info about house washing
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