Fireproof Your Home: The Role of Exterior Cleaning in Wildfire Prevention

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Property Maintenance: Lessons Learned from the Wild Fire in West Kelowna, BC

Fire season is becoming increasingly unpredictable and deadly, especially in regions vulnerable to wildfires such as British Colombia. The recent West Kelowna wildfires are a grim reminder of this escalating danger. homeowners can take specific, proactive steps for fire prevention, especially concerning the exterior of their homes. The exterior plays a important role in determining whether your property can survive a wildfire, making exterior cleaning an often overlooked but necessary preventive measure. Embers from a distant wildfire can travel several kilometers, landing in a pile of dry leaves or debris on your property and start a fire that could endanger your home. Witnesses reported that the wildfire spread from West Kelowna across the lake, ignited by a single ember, according to Global News.

wildfire spreading across a lake at night

Clear Those Gutters: Prevent Dry Leaves from Becoming Fire Starters

Dry leaves and other debris that accumulate in your gutters can become perfect kindling for floating embers, which can travel several kilometers from a nearby fire. If you haven't maintained your gutters in a while, you might be surprised to find enough dry leaves to fill several garbage bags. Beyond the fire risk, clogged gutters can also cause other problems, such as water ingress into your home, leading to expensive repairs. Learn more about our gutter cleaning services.

dry moss accumulated in gutters

The Hidden Danger on Your Roof: How Dry Moss Can Fuel Fires

The importance of moss removal from your roof cannot be overstated. Allowing moss to grow and dry out on your roof can not only be a bad look for the home but a also severe fire hazard. Our team regularly removes several garbage bins full of moss from poorly maintained roofs. Most home insurance companies in bc have specific clauses that require regular maintenance of the roof. If a fire occurs and it's discovered that your roof was covered with dry moss that you failed to remove the insurance company might refuse to pay out for damages. Cleaning your roof regularly will also save you money on expensive repairs in the future.

dry moss accumulated in gutters

After the Smoke Clears: Washing Your Home For a Fresh Start

Wildfires can leave a blanket of ash and soot, covering everything from your home and windows to your car and outdoor furniture. These particles can contain harmful carcinogens that create health risks and other issues. Accumulated ash can also stain and corrode surfaces. Washing your home and windows after the smoke clears can not only eliminate the lingering bad smell but also help you move forward by erasing the visible reminders of the wildfire.

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