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Tsawwassen, a picturesque suburban community in Delta, British Columbia, offers residents a delightful blend of coastal charm and modern living. With the elegant Blue Heron as its mascot, Tsawwassen embodies the serene beauty and tranquility of a coastal community. However, the presence of local farmland and the peninsula setting present unique challenges for homeowners when it comes to maintaining their properties. The combination of farms and high moisture levels in the area contributes to algae and moss growth on roofs and siding, making it difficult to keep homes clean and well-maintained.

Roof Cleaning In Tsawwassen

Roof cleaning is a crucial part of home maintenance, especially in Tsawwassen BC where the close proximity to the ocean on both sides and local farmland causes moss and algae to grow at an exponential rate. Cleaning your roof regularly is important not just for the appearance of your property. Moss and algae is destructive to the roof and causes it to deteriorate rapidly, especially on asphalt shingle roofs. Our professional roof cleaning service follows best practices and uses eco-friendly cleaning solution to gently and effectively remove harmful organic growth and prevent it from growing again.

a man soft washing a shingle roof in Tsawwassen

House Washing In Tsawwassen

Washing your siding can be a challenging and possibly dangerous task especially on taller homes without the proper equipment. The rainy weather in the coastal region Tsawwassen causes accelerated algae growth on homes and if not dealt with regularly your home might end up looking like one from the shire. Our team uses a method of cleaning known as soft washing to clean all the exterior surfaces of the home. Soft washing is ideal for cleaning hard to reach places such as fascia and soffits, our equipment can spray cleaning solutions more than three stories from the safety of the ground.

a man soft washing a house in Tsawwassen

Pressure Washing In Tsawwassen

Maintaining flat concrete surfaces such as walkways, driveways, and decks can be a drag especially with all the rain that Tsawwassen gets. The damp climate promotes algae and mold growth and leaves ugly and slippery black and green stains. It may be tempting to do your own pressure washing however the dirty, loud and messy work can quickly overwhelm many homeowners. Without the proper equipment it can take several hours to clean an average driveway and the finished result might not turn out so great when uneven stripes appear after the surface dries. Our team uses industrial pressure washing equipment to get the job done quickly effectively.

Window Cleaning In Tsawwassen

Cleaning your own windows using ladders can be a daunting and risky task. Using improper technique can result in a streaks, smears and lots of disappointment. Our team uses modern window cleaning equipment that can reach up to three stories from the ground without the need for ladders. Having your windows cleaned professionally will give you the ultimate crystal clear glass and allow you to fully appreciate the ocean views that Tsawwassen has to offer.

a man cleaning windows on a home in Tsawwassen

Gutter Cleaning In Tsawwassen

Regular gutter cleaning is a vital part of home maintenance especially in areas that rain a lot such as Tsawwassen. Gutters protect the home from water damage by diverting the rainwater away from the foundation and preventing soil erosion. Many properties in Tsawwassen have large trees over the house that drop leaves and debris onto the roof and cause the gutters to clog. Moss growth on the roof will often cause gutters to clog as well this is why we recommend roof cleaning at the first sign of moss. Many homeowners prefer to leave the dangerous and messy job of gutter cleaning to the professionals.

a man cleaning gutters on a home in Tsawwassen
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