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Our team is known as Greater Vancouver's top roof cleaning company. We specialize in effectively removing moss, algae stains, and debris to restore roofs to their original condition. We're equipped with the knowledge, tools and experience necessary to safely tackle the most difficult jobs.

Maximizing Roof Longevity: The Importance Of Roof Cleaning

The warm and humid climate in the Greater Vancouver Area provides ideal conditions for moss, mold, algae and other organics to grow on your roof. It doesn't just look bad, all that debris traps moisture and slowly rots away your shingles, shakes, or tiles. It's like having a wet sponge on the roof all the time. Moss falls into the gutters causing them to get clogged and overflow. In the summer heat, moss dries out and becomes a fire hazard. Most home insurance policies require the roof to be maintained. Mold and algae causes dark stains on the roof, it is acidic and feeds on the tar in the shingles causing them to become brittle. Neglecting regular roof cleaning can result in leaks, expensive repairs, and shortens the lifespan of the roof. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) recommends soft wash roof cleaning.

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is the safest and most effective way to clean most surfaces. Unlike power washing which uses high pressure water to blast away dirt, soft washing does not use any pressure and is gentle on surfaces. Using high pressure to clean a roof will cause irreparable damage. Soft washing can be compared to doing laundry, environmentally safe chemicals are used to gently dissolve away dirt, moss, mold and any other organic materials. The chemicals we use are safe and very effective, it is the same stuff that is used in water treatment centers and in swimming pools. The Soft wash solution completely evaporates after about an hour and does not leave any residue. We use the same solution to wash the siding and home exteriors. Any type of roof can be cleaned with soft washing including:

Moss Growth: A Common Problem

moss growing on a roof

In the Greater Vancouver area, the wet and often cool climate creates a perfect breeding ground for moss and lichen, making them a common problem for many roofs. These organisms not only detract from the aesthetic appeal of a home but can also cause significant damage over time. Moss, with its capacity to retain moisture, can lead to the deterioration of the roof. Moss removal is just a small part of our roof cleaning process more info about moss removal.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

#1 Remove Moss And Debris

First we prepare the roof by gently scrubbing and remove the moss and debris from the roof and inside the gutters. We are usually able to remove about 90% of the moss that is stuck to the roof manually. It is not recommended to apply too much abrasive force onto the roof that is why some contaminants will usually remain after this step.

#2 Apply Cleaning Solution

In the next stage of the process we apply a soft wash solution to the roof using a low pressure spraying system that is mounted to our truck. We use about 70 gallons of cleaning chemicals on an average size home. The cleaning solution dissolves away any remaining organic material and loosens the remaining moss from the roof. The solution also penetrates into all the the cracks and crevices of the roof and kills moss and mold ono contact. Any dark mold stains begin to disappear instantly. After about an hour the soft wash solution completely evaporates away without any residue.

After Applying Cleaning Chemicals

Whatever small amount of moss that remains after the process will dry out and flake away in a few weeks. Best results are achieved after a few strong rainfalls which helps rinse away any remaining dirt and staining from the roof. The original color usually gets completely restored after a few weeks, this varies depending on the condition of the roof.

Why Do We Need to Use Chemicals?

After a professional cleaning the roof will remain contaminant free for several years because the chemicals we use penetrate deep and kill the moss and mold spores preventing anything from growing again. This is why we choose soft washing to clean roofs, abrasive methods or pressure washing can damage the roof and it does not remove the contaminants completely therefore problem will return in a few months. We recommend homeowners in the Greater Vancouver Area should clean their roof every 3-5 years or at the first sign of any moss or other organic growth.

Benefits of Regular Roof Cleaning

Many homeowners are not aware of roof cleaning and think the roof needs to be replaced when it becomes dirty. Using modern techniques it is possible to safely and effectively remove moss, dark mold stains, and other organics from a roof and keep them from growing back for years. We can clean and restore the roof to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Although professional roof cleaning is not a cheap service due to the cost of the materials, equipment, and skilled labour required. The cost of having a dirty roof is much greater.

Why Hire a Professional to Clean Your Roof?

While it may seem like a cost-effective solution to clean your own roof, it's just a bad idea for several reasons. Hiring a professional cleaning company can ensure that the job is done safely and effectively, saving you time and money in the long run.

example of bad roof cleaning job. roof is covered with white powder because the contractor used powdered laundry detergent to kill the moss

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