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With years of expertise under our belt, Clean Squad is a trusted leader in roof moss removal in Vancouver BC and nearby cities. We prioritize your roof's integrity and our team's safety above all else. Our team uses advanced safety equipment methods that are strictly approved by roof material manufacturers to remove moss from your roof without causing damage. Our roof cleaning and moss removal process ensures that your roof will be clean and moss free for several years.

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What is Moss and Where Does it Come From?

Moss is a unique, non-vascular plant that typically thrives in damp, shaded environments and can be found growing on various surfaces where moisture persists. Unlike most plants, moss doesn't root in soil but attaches itself to solid surfaces such as rocks, trees, and even man-made structures, including roofs. It reproduces through spores, often transported by the wind or water, which allows it to colonize in new locations. The moss is common in regions with consistent rainfall such as Vancouver BC. In British Colombia moss has seasonal growing cycles, in the summer heat it tends to dry out and fall into the gutters however the spores left behind start producing new moss in the rainy winter months. Moss is also a lot more noticeable on roofs in the winter months because it absorbs moisture and swells up like a sponge.

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Why is Moss Bad For a Roof?

Moss can become a problem for homeowner's for reasons other than its ugly appearance. Moss retains moisture against surfaces such as roof shingles this can speed up the deterioration of the roof and cause the shingles to rot away. It's like having a wet sponge on your roof all the time! Moss also tends to start growing underneath shingles and tiles this can cause them to lift and change shape over time which can result in a leak. Moss also falls from the roof and tends to end up in the gutters where it can start growing again until the gutter is completely clogged, this can result in water overflowing onto the attic, rotting fascia, siding damage, and foundation damage. A dense layer of moss on a roof acts as a moisture barrier, trapping dampness against the roofing material, moisture will eventually penetrate the shingles and cause the underlying wood to rot away causing the roof to sag and in extreme cases the roof can even collapse.

moss on roof and clogging gutter

Moss Grows Exponentially

The rainy season in Vancouver and nearby cities creates the ideal environment for moss to grow exponentially this can overwhelm a roof in a short span of time. Moss accumulation significantly adds weight to your roof's structure. It's not uncommon for us to remove several garbage bins full of moss from a single roof. This extra weight can stress your roof, potentially leading to structural issues over time. It's important to remove the moss and treat the roof to prevent regrowth as soon as it's noticed to prevent damage to the roof.

a garbage bin full of moss

Dry Moss is a Fire Hazard

Dry moss poses a significant fire hazard, particularly during BC's wildfire season in the summer. To maintain compliance and ensure safety, home insurance companies require a moss-free roof. In cases of wildfires, insurance companies may deny compensation if they determine that moss on the roof was a contributing factor to property damage.

More info about wildfire prevention

dry moss on a roof in summer creating a fire hazard

How Is Moss Removed Professionally

Our professionals begin by gently brushing and blowing away the majority of the moss and debris from the roof and gutters taking care not to damage the roofing material. A soft wash treatment is sprayed onto the roof after, where an eco-friendly cleaning solution is used to kill and wash away the remaining moss spores from the roof. The alkaline solution neutralizes the acidity from the moss and organic growth and causes an inhospitable environment for moss and other organic spores to prevent future growth.

an employee soft washing a shingle roof

Invest in Your Home's Future: Roof Care Saves Money

Investing in regular roof maintenance is a financially savvy decision that pays off substantially in the long run. By maintaining the integrity of your roofing materials, you prevent extensive damages that require costly repairs or even a complete replacement. In Vancouver and surrounding cities, it is recommended that homeowners schedule roof cleaning every 3-5 years to prevent moss growth before it even begins. Moss removal is just a small part of the overall roof cleaning process and there may be other cleaning issues that need to be addressed More info about roof cleaning

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