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a man spraying soft wash solution onto a shingle roof

Roof Soft Washing

Apr 13 2023
😮 Prepare to be amazed by our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning procedure! 🌧️🏡 Within moments of applying our gentle and powerful solution, years of mold and moss growth begin to vanish, unveiling your roof's true beauty. 🍃🚿 It's like treating your roof to a revitalizing spa day! 🥳✨ more info on roof cleaning more info about roof cleaning
a clean squad employee spraying soft wash solution onto a large two story home from the ground

Soft Washing Vinyl Siding

Apr 08 2023
Soft washing is the most effective way for cleaning vinyl siding. Unlike traditional cleaning methods which rely on brushing, abrasion, or pressure washing, soft washing uses environmentally safe cleaning solutions to dissolve away dirt, algae, mold and other contaminants from the surface. Following the application of the cleaning solution to a surface, it is left to sit for 10 minutes, enabling it to work its magic. After the dwell time, tap water is used to thoroughly rinse the surface, effectively washing away all impurities and leaving it spotless. The soft wash solution seeps into every nook and cranny, providing a level of cleanliness that is virtually unattainable through traditional methods, resulting in a remarkably thorough and efficient cleaning experience. more information about cleaning vinyl siding
black stains dissolving away away after soft washing a roof

Roof Soft Wash Stain Removal

Mar 19 2023
Check out this photo of a roof being cleaned using our environmentally safe soft washing solution. Just minutes after spraying the cleaning solution, years of mold and dirt can be seen dissolving away, revealing the original color of the roof. This amazing transformation showcases the effectiveness of our soft washing method, which not only restores the roof's beauty but also preserves its integrity. Contact us for a free estimate. more info about roof cleaning
cleaning windows with a water fed pole on a home in kitsilano vancouver

Spring Window Cleaning

Mar 06 2023
As warmer days and blooming flowers make their return, it's time to prepare for window cleaning season with Clean Squad Property Services! We understand how vital it is to have clean windows after a long, dreary winter so you can fully enjoy the sunshine. Our skilled window cleaning crew is prepared to handle even the most stubborn dirt and grime, giving your windows a dazzling shine. Contact us today for a free estimate. More info about window cleaning
before and after photo of a shingle roof soft wash

Shingle Roof Soft Wash

Mar 14 2023
At Clean Squad Property Services, we take pride in our exceptional roof cleaning services that leave our customers in awe. Today, we're excited to share the incredible before and after images of a recent roof cleaning project we completed. Before: A roof marred by moss, algae, and dirt, affecting both its appearance and integrity. After: A stunning, clean roof with vibrant colors and clean lines, enhancing curb appeal and homeowner satisfaction. More info about asphalt shingle roof cleaning
a drone photo of a clean squad employee soft washing a shingle roof in abbotsford

Shingle Roof Soft Wash In Abbotsford

Mar 10 2023
One of the benefits of being a professional roof cleaner is the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views from the top of our clients' roofs. Whether it's overlooking the mountains, the ocean, or the city skyline, being up high provides a unique perspective and appreciation for the beauty of our surroundings. More info about asphalt shingle roof cleaning
a clean squad employee pressure washing a boat

Boat Pressure Wash

Mar 07 2023
We've had some strange requests over the years, but this one takes the cake (or should we say, the boat?). When a homeowner asked us to pressure wash his boat in the rain while it was parked on his driveway, we didn't know what to think. We will take care of all your pressure washing needs no matter how strange they are. contact us for a free online estimate today! More info about pressure washing
before and after photo of a shingle roof cleaning in north vancouver

Shingle Roof Moss Removal

Mar 05 2023
Just look at the difference a professional roof clean can make. Our team uses commercial-grade equipment and expertise to get rid of moss and other contaminants and bring any type of roof back to life.
a clean squad employee pressure washing a concrete driveway

Post Winter Driveway Clean

Mar 04 2023
Winter is finally over, and it's time to give your driveway a fresh start. Our power washing services can remove all the built-up dirt, grime, and salt from your driveway, leaving it looking brand new. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get your driveway ready for spring! More info about pressure washing
before and after photo of an asphalt roof soft wash in ladner bc. before photo has dark mold stains and green moss. after photo of a clean shingle roof

Shingle Roof Clean in Ladner BC

Feb 28 2023
Just look at the difference a professional roof clean can make like this shingle roof in Ladner BC. Our team at Clean Squad Property Services used our commercial-grade equipment and expertise to give this roof a deep clean and bring it back to life. More info about asphalt shingle roof cleaning
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