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The Importance Of Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

a man soft washing a vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is a popular and versatile cladding material which is commonly used in residential and commercial applications. The affordability and durability of the material makes it a popular choice for homes and buildings across British colombia. Vinyl is a type of synthetic plastic material derived from ethylene and chlorine, due to its synthetic polycarbon composition it is completely resistant to moisture and rotting unlike many other types of siding such as wood.

vinyl siding before and after cleaning

vinyl siding does have some drawbacks; when left dirty for long enough, it will eventually develop permanent stains. Vinyl siding is also prone to oxidation over time, resulting in a chalky and dull appearance. The vinyl oxidation process is accelerated by UV light this is why the sun-exposed side of a house typically appears more faded and dull. Vinyl siding is also more susceptible to algae and mold growth due to morning dew settling on the surface, creating a damp environment that encourages organic growth.

Soft Washing: The Professional Method for Cleaning Vinyl Siding

a man soft washing a vinyl siding house

Soft washing is a modern method of cleaning that has gained popularity due to its ability to efficiently remove dirt and organic growth such as algae and mold from delicate surfaces. Unlike traditional cleaning methods which use scrubbing or high pressure, soft washing uses powerful environmentally safe cleaning solutions to dissolve away dirt. Soft washing is a touchless and ideal method for cleaning vinyl siding, as it can effectively penetrate into every gap and remove dirt that is difficult to reach with traditional cleaning methods.

Avoiding Damage: The Potential Hazards of Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

damaged and warped vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is produced with a UV protection layer that gives it a glossy texture and provides years of UV resistance. However, using pressure washing or aggressive scrubbing can strip away this protective layer, leading to rapid oxidation of the material. The oxidation layer on vinyl siding cannot be removed using standard cleaning methods, as it is not a result of accumulated dirt but rather a consequence of the vinyl material itself decaying. Attempting to clean vinyl oxidation often leads to a patchy and uneven appearance, making the siding look considerably worse than before. In the pressure washing industry, we refer to this as "tiger stripes" because the distinct marks reveal where the pressure washer stopped and started.

painting vinyl siding

a man spray painting vinyl siding

Many homeowner's will consider painting their vinyl siding to cover up the chalky oxidized surface. However this is strongly not recommended because the paint can inhibit the materials natural ability to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. This can cause warping and buckling over time. Most paint does not adhere well to vinyl and will quickly begin to peel and crack. Instead of painting, we recommend performing an oxidation removal service to restore the vinyl to it's original condition. This process will effectively remove the chalky appearance for a fraction of the cost of painting the surface.

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